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  • No Installation Require

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  • No High End PC Need

  • Digital Game Library

  • Build into External HDD or Micro SD


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Our Emulator

The Feature

Simple & Beautiful Game Selection UI

Visual Feasts with Gameplay Previews

AI Language Translation On The Fly

4x Upscaling for Enhanced Visuals

Universal Controller Pairing

Cheat & Custom Mod Enable

Multiplayer Support

Gather your friends and unleash the gaming chaos with our Multiplayer Support feature. Whether you're teaming up for a nostalgic co-op adventure or battling head-to-head in classic versus matches, our products ensure that the multiplayer experience is as seamless as it gets. Connect your controllers and dive into hours of fun-filled gaming sessions with your buddies. The days of solitary gaming are over – it's time to share the joy and camaraderie of multiplayer gaming, all powered by our cutting-edge emulation technology.

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"EMU-TIME 94s" (Over 700+ PS1 Games!!)


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What We Support?

1 Month 1-1 Exchange Warranty (hardware)
Live Chat Technical Support

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A Gaming Console for All Generations.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with EmuPlayz Retro Drive. Discover Infinite Gaming Possibilities through our External Hard Drive or Micro SD featuring pre-installed 24+ emulators.

Product Support

1What does Plug n Play mean?
Simply plug in our retro USB drive, restart your PC, access the boot menu (usually by pressing f2/f8/f12, depending on your PC brand), and select our drive. Our retro emulation will launch automatically, and you're ready to dive into gaming!
2Can I add games on my own?
Yes, you can add games via WiFi from your Windows PC. It requires some IT knowledge, but our live chat customer support can guide you through the process.
3Are all games in English?
About 80% of our games are in English. Some games, like Japanese titles, may be in another language. Our emulator includes an AI translation feature to convert game text to English on the spot. Just reach out to our live chat support for assistance.
4 Supported Console Platforms
Our emulator covers a wide range, including Atari,Atomiswave,Wonderswan,Wonderswan Color,Capcom,Colecovision,DreamCast,FAMICOM,GameBoy,GameBoyAdvance,GameBoyColor,NDS,MAME,Master System,MegaDrive,Microsoft MSX,NAOMI,NeoGeo,NeoGeo Pocket,NeoGeo Pocket Color,NES,SNESM,N64,PC Engine,PS1/2/3,SegaCD/Saturn,Xbox,Switch,Virtual Boy. However, please note that modern consoles like Xbox, PS3, and Nintendo Switch might not support all games or be fully optimize
5Can the retro drive output to TV?
Our retro drive works on modern TVs with HDMI ports even 4K or 8K. Ensure your device GPU supports the higher resolutions.
6Which controller are supported?
Any generic Bluetooth or Wired controller should work, even the lastest Dualshock 5 and Xbox One! For Bluetooth, turn on your controller in discovery pairing mode, then going in the menu to CONTROLLER & BLUETOOTH SETTINGS → PAIR A BLUETOOTH DEVICE. There is no special action to do to make it work, except to map it additionally we provide wired/wireless controller to every purchase of EMU-PS1 and EMU-2K and no pairing or configuration need!
Support Steamdeck, ROG Ally, AyaNeo or any windows gaming handheld is compatible with it, however Z1 CPU or 6800 series CPU is recommend for PS3/Nintendo Switch game
Minimum Intel Celeron or AMD Athlon | 2GB RAM | NO storage need | Build in HD graphic | Windows or MAC PC
Minimum Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 | 4GB RAM | NO storage need | GPU Nvidia RTX460 or Higher | Windows or MAC PC
10Why do I need to restart my computer instead of playing directly on Windows/Mac?
Our Retro Emulation Drive runs on a complete LINUX OS build, which is entirely separate from Windows/MAC. We've designed it this way to ensure that your gaming experience is truly immersive and distraction-free. Imagine trying to fully enjoy your gaming session while dealing with minimized work tasks, email notifications, Excel sheets, and a barrage of WhatsApp messages. Our Linux-based emulation isn't just about clicking on game folders or applications. It provides you with an exceptionally smooth and visually appealing UI for selecting games, thereby enhancing your overall gaming experience. Rest assured, even with thousands of games, your PC won't experience lag or slowdowns. Additionally, our system is virus-free, safeguarding your computer's integrity. In contrast, traditional emulation software installed directly on your computer consumes RAM resources and leaves behind cache files, which can eventually slow down your PC. We believe that gaming should be a seamless and uninterrupted pleasure, and our Retro Drive solution is crafted to achieve exactly that.


Shipping Policy

1How long my order will be shipped?
We process orders within 24-48 hours. Shipping generally takes 1-3 days working day (Peninsular Malaysia) or 3-7 days (West Malaysia).
2Which courier do you use?
We ship via J&T or DHL within Malaysia, and COD option is available only in Klang Valley at the moment.


Payment Policy

1What payment methods do you accept?
We accept FPX online transfer (most of local bank Malaysia), Credit Cards (VISA/MASTER), Touch n Go EWallet, and Atome PayLater.
2Can I request a refund?
Yes you can contact our live chat to request refunds before shipping. After shipping, refunds are restricted unless the product is dead on arrival.